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Healthcare Partners

We thank our healthcare partners for collaborating with us to provide families of potential organ and tissue donors the best end-of-life care possible and expert support and guidance so each family is able to make a fully informed, timely donation decision that will prove enduring for their family and their loved one’s legacy.

Gift of Life Donor Program is committed to providing comprehensive education for our region’s healthcare partners. It’s important that you feel prepared to participate in your role in the donation process.

Staff from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania attend Gift of Life's Donation Champion Learning Session.

Staff from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania attend Gift of Life’s Donation Champion Learning Session.

Organ Donation and Transplantation Summit

Gift of Life Donor Program’s annual Organ Donation and Transplantation Summit is part of Gift of Life’s Donation and Transplantation Improvement Initiative that launched in May 2017. The initiative aims to bring the region’s healthcare centers together to share best practices in hopes of increasing donation rates and saving more lives.

Given the continued heightened sensitivity surrounding COVID-19, this year’s “Organ Donation and Transplantation Summit” will be held virtually through Zoom. Join us for this virtual event on Thursday, October 22, 2020, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Free continuing education credits (CME/CEU) will be provided. We have put together an exciting agenda and hope you and other members of your team can attend.

Listed below are our confirmed physician faculty and a link to the full agenda and registration. Given the key role you play in the organ donation process, we hope you will be able to join us!!

Faculty and topics:

1.) Paige Porrett, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Surgery, Director, VCA Transplantation, Comprehensive Transplant Institute, University of Alabama at Birmingham will discuss uterus transplantation.

2.) Christopher P. Michetti, MD, FACS, FCCM, Associate Chief, Trauma/Acute Care Surgery, Inova Trauma Center, Inova Fairfax Hospital, Professor of Surgery, VCU SOM, Inova Campus will share his perspectives about the role of the physician in preserving the organ donation opportunity for families . His recent American Journal of Transplantation publication, Patient Centered Practices in Organ Donation can be found here.

3.) Nader Moazami, MD, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery Chief, Division of Heart & Lung Transplantation & Mechanical Circulatory Support, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, New York University (NYU) Langone Health will discuss utilization of ecmo for DCD heart donation and transplantation.

4.) Matthew Kirschen, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Departments of Pediatrics and Neurology, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine will discuss the impact of effective OPO-pediatric critical care physician relations on the organ donation process and outcomes.

Please CLICK HERE for agenda and CLICK HERE to register.

Donation Champion Learning Sessions

Gift of Life Donor Program has developed a one-day learning session to train and equip healthcare providers who are interested in improving their hospital’s organ donation system. This one-day workshop is a fast-paced and highly interactive session. Participants are asked to assess their unit’s/hospital’s current donation processes and are charged with “Leaving in Action” so that a collaborative and coordinated effort is in place for offering families a donation opportunity. FREE CEUs are available for Nurses and Respiratory Therapists.

Find an upcoming session and sign up!

Virtual In-Service

Virtual In-Service Links are short 5-10 minute PowerPoint Presentations on various aspects of the Donation process to be shared among healthcare team members as an added means of education.

Access Virtual In-Service Presentations Here!

2020 HAP Challenge Resources

The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) has partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the two organ procurement organizations (OPOs) serving Pennsylvania—the Center for Organ Recovery & Education & Gift of Life Donor Program—to support HAP’s 2020 Donate Life Hospital Challenge. Hospital teams record clinical and community education events on a customized scorecard to capture activities for improving the clinical process and increasing donor designations. Hospitals will be acknowledged for their efforts by HAP and the OPOs for achieving Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards.

Find resources to implement the HAP Challenge at  your hospital.

Brain Death Communication Training For Residents

This course enables residents to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence for having conversations with donor families about brain death and grave prognosis. It includes a simulation where participants practice their communication skills while receiving coaching and immediate feedback. The training is offered free of charge by Gift of Life Donor Program staff at your hospital.

Learn more about Resident Training.

Hospital Training Opportunities

On-demand educational opportunities include in-services, lunch-and-learns, case debriefings, medical academic forums, resident conferences, physician forums, nursing forums, committees and councils (for example, ethics, critical care, quality/PI, social work/palliative medicine, etc.).

Learn more about Hospital Training.

Grant Program

Gift of Life Donor Program, and its non-profit affiliate, Transplant Foundation are committed to supporting the advancement of donation and transplantation practices as well as innovative programs to support transplant patients (and their caregivers/families) receiving care at the Transplant Centers throughout the entire Gift of Life donation service area.  See our Grant Program opportunities below and click through to learn more about each.

Learn more about the Transplant Foundation grant Opportunities. 

Our e-newsletter for hospitals

Developed specifically for our healthcare partners, our Hospital eNews provides information on optimal donation practices and transplant innovations. It also includes details about the work our healthcare partners do to support organ donation and transplantation.

To help you remain close to the stories of patients and families, there is a special section devoted to profiles of those whose lives have been impacted by organ and tissue donation.

Read our most recent issue!

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