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“It Took A Simple ‘Yes’ To Save Their Lives”

When Markita said yes to organ donation, she found comfort knowing that her son Marquis would give others a second chance at life.

At just 13-years-old Marquis Wood suffered a fatal asthma attack that left his family devastated. Amidst the darkest time in her life, Marquis’ mother, Markita Lewis, made the decision to donate Marquis’ organs to save others. 

“I said yes to donation that day and that decision continues to give me much comfort. I know my son is a hero who saved the lives of three other kids. They walk the earth every day because of Marquis,” Markita said.

Three young men received Marquis’ kidneys, liver and heart. Two of the families joined Markita to share their story and promote the importance of saying yes to organ donation.

Consider saying YES to saving lives. Register to be an organ donor today.

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