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Gift of Life Stories: Share Your Story

The gift of organ and tissue donation can change someone's life and rewrite their story. Every story has the potential to save a life. Will you share yours?

Layla Hickey, heart transplant recipient and Taylor Dyer, liver transplant recipient

Share your story with Gift of Life!  Every personal story shared on Gift of Life’s website, on social media and through traditional media can help to make a difference in the lives of others by encouraging individuals to register as organ and tissue donors. Your experience is unique and powerful and can inspire people to say “yes” to organ and tissue donation.

We work tirelessly to give the more than 5,000 people on our region’s waiting list a second chance at life.

Here, donor families, transplant recipients and medical professionals share inspiring stories about how organ donation and transplantation touches and transforms lives.

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Share Your Story:

The stories behind organ and tissue donation are both rare and unique. Every story has the potential to save a life. How has your life been impacted by organ and tissue donation?

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