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Who Can Donate?

Anyone can be a registered organ and tissue donor. There are no barriers based on age, race or religion when registering to save lives!

Anyone can register to save lives as an organ and tissue donor.

Age and Organ Donation

You are never too old to be an organ, eye or tissue donor.  Gift of Life has seen patients over 80 years of age go on to be donors and save and heal lives.  We encourage people of all ages to place the donor designation on their driver’s license and talk to your family about your decision.

Medical History

Every individual is evaluated by a team of medical professionals at the time of death to screen for possible diseases that may rule out organ donation. Historically, the only diseases which exclude one from being an organ donor are HIV and metastatic cancer.  However, several transplant centers in the nation have begun recovering organs for HIV + donors to be transplanted into HIV + recipients.

We ask that you never rule yourself out from being an organ and tissue donor regardless of medical history.  You never know whom you could be helping with your gifts of life.

Religion and Organ Donation

All major religions in the U.S. support organ and tissue donation.  Learn about your religion’s perspective on donation here.

Race and Organ Donation

The need for life-saving organ transplants is greatest in multicultural communities.  People from minority communities represent 58% of the transplant waiting list.

Learn about why a more diverse donor pool will save more lives.

Fast facts about organ & tissue donation!