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Transplant Waiting List

Story highlights need for organ donors

As a transplant recipient, I was deeply touched by the article, “Through opioid epidemic, more organs available for transplant patients.” I have great respect for those families that have the fortitude to think beyond their overwhelming grief to save lives. But I’m concerned. I shared the article with friends and family, who concluded that at least this […]

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LaSalle University Student In Need Of Kidney Donor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There is a desperate request from a Northeast Philadelphia family as they are looking for a kidney donor for their 19-year-old son. Nearly 6,000 people in our region are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. The waiting list nationally is so long that some families are taking matters into their own hands by making a public […]

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Pennsylvania must do more to encourage organ donation, but compensation raises ethical questions

THE ISSUE The number of kidney, liver, heart and lung donors in Pennsylvania doesn’t come close to meeting the needs of those awaiting transplants, The Caucus, an LNP Media Group watchdog publication focused on state government, reported in last week’s Sunday LNP. And the General Assembly has not acted on potential solutions to the organ shortage. According […]

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