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Caregiver Resources

While there has been tremendous success in transplantation, for many transplant patients and their family members, even the good news of a life-saving organ match brings anxieties. Learn more about resources for caregiversgoing through the transplant journey.

Guests at Gift of Life Family House participate in Art Therapy.

Caregivers play an essential role in a transplant patient’s care and recovery. You are called upon for support, advocacy and more.

Your role changes during different stages of the transplant journey, from initial diagnosis to post surgery recovery and follow-up.

You can experience varied emotions and feel stress due to your caregiver responsibilities. Gift of Life Family House offers numerous resources to help caregivers navigate the transplant process and set up a care plan. These include educational materials, support services and community outreach.

For more information on transplant patient caregiver resources visit the Family House website.