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Threads of Love Quilt

The "Threads of Love" memorial quilt was initiated in 2000 by Gift of Life Donor Program and its donor family volunteer group Hearts of Gold to honor and remember all those who have given the gift of life.

Gift of Life’s Threads of Love Memorial Quilt on Display

Gift of Life’s Threads of Love Memorial Quilt on Display

The “Threads of Love” Memorial Quilts are a very special way for families to honor their loved ones.  Families are encouraged to create a quilt square in memory of their loved one to become a part of our growing number of quilts.  Quilt pinning ceremonies are incorporated into the Life and Legacy Celebrations. These quilts are not only a beautiful and artistic legacy, but they are also used for educational purposes and displayed in public venues throughout the region and on our website.

Explore the quilts to view the quilt squares designed and crafted by the loved ones of those who died and gave the gift of life. The actual quilts are also available for display at events, schools, hospitals, museums, libraries, and houses of worship throughout the region to promote organ and tissue donor awareness.

Threads of Love Quilt Instructions

Your love and attribution are all that are required to create a quilt square for your loved one. You don’t need to be artistic or even know how to sew to contribute a panel for the quilt. You can make your square as plain and simple, or as decorated and ornate, as you choose. Please click HERE to fill out the required authorization form after submitting your quilt square.  This allows us to share your quilt square on our website and in our community.

  • Your quilt square must be ten inches square with a border of 1/2 inch on all sides. Once quilted along with the other squares, only 9×9 inches will be seen so do not decorate all the way to edge of the fabric.
  • You can use any type of cloth, remembering it will be displayed and handled.
  • Pins, patches, buttons should be sewn to the fabric. Please do not use stickers as they will fall off. You may include the name of your loved one and any significant dates, poems, quotations or anything else that helps you express your thoughts.
  • Photos and printed matter may be added to your square using special iron-on paper which is available at most craft stores. Please do not use actual photos.

These videos are meant to guide you through the process of creating a quilt square and answer any questions you may have about making the square.  If you have any further questions, please contact Family Support Services at 1-800-DONORS-1.

Frequently Asked Questions