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The Innovative Research in Support of Donation & Transplantation Grant

We are pleased to announce that in furtherance of its commitment to advance donation and transplantation practices, Transplant Foundation, the 501(c)(3) organization that supports the mission of Gift of Life Donor Program, has earmarked funds to initiate a Grant Program to fund Innovative Research in Support of Donation and Transplantation.

This exciting donation and transplantation grant opportunity will fund those selected individual projects (up to $50,000) that support innovation, quality and safety in the field of donation and transplantation through scientific research, social and behavioral interventions or alternate approaches to existing processes and protocols. Funded projects should positively impact organ and tissue donation and transplantation in this region. Examples of projects that would be considered include:

  • Evaluations of clinical interventions to increase organ procurement and organ utilization, positively impact transplant outcomes and extend graft survival (deceased and living)
  • Projects designed to advance the quality and safety of transplantable organs and tissue
  • Projects focused on emerging specialties in the delivery of donation and transplantation services
  • Projects designed to evaluate initiatives to increase quality and promote cost effectiveness in the donation and transplantation field
  • Pilot projects employing innovative messaging or outreach to increase donor designation rates
  • Social and behavioral interventions to increase public commitment to organ and tissue donation and enrollment in a state registry
  • Pilot projects with evaluative measures designed to address burdens faced by transplant recipients and their families (no direct funding of prescription drugs or medications)

Eligible applicants must be within the Gift of Life donation service area – the eastern half of PA, southern NJ and DE – and be able to complete their project within one year.  The Grant Program operates on a rolling approval basis with applications accepted in February, August and November of each year.

To apply for a Donation and Transplantation Grant, please complete the application below and submit it with all required supplemental materials to grants@donors1.org.

Click here to access the grant application.

Due dates for the grant application are as follows: February 15, April 30, August 31, November 13