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The Gift of Life: Listen, Watch and Learn!

Gift of Life Donor Program works with our multimedia partners to share the extraordinary power of organ and tissue donation through personal stories that inspire more people to sign up as donors.


30 Seconds to Second Chances – short interviews on KYW showcasing organ donation’s transformative power

Alin Gragossian, DO, MPH

Alin abruptly went from doctor-in-training to critically ill patient when she experienced sudden heart failure at age 30. As a heart transplant recipient, she uses her blog and social media to raise awareness about organ donation.

Listen to Alin’s story.

Hear more from Alin.

Arlinda Griffin and Mary Smith

Arlinda received a kidney and pancreas transplant that saved her life. Her donor hero Eric’s mother, Mary, has become like family.

Listen to Arlinda and Mary’s story.

Hear more from Arlinda and Mary.

Baksy Family

The Baksy family traveled 250 miles to find life-saving care for their baby son who needed a liver transplant. They also found a haven of comfort, hope and healing at Gift of Life Howie’s House.

Listen to the Baksys’ story.

Hear more from the Baskys.

Beatriz and Sebastian Foster

Beatriz’s son Sebastian was born with a lower urinary tract obstruction that affected his kidney function. He began dialysis at age 4, and his daily treatments could last up to 11 hours. That all changed in 2020 when Sebastian received a life-saving kidney transplant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Listen to Beatriz’s story.

Hear more from Beatriz.

Bill Soloway

Bill’s life-saving heart transplant fueled a return to his passion for cycling along with tireless advocacy to help others receive a second chance at life through organ donation.

Listen to Bill’s story.

Hear more from Bill.

Brian Rath

Grateful for his liver transplant, Brian enjoys spending time with his family and has a special appreciation for the song “Sweet Caroline.”

Man poses for photo with his children

Listen to Brian’s story.

Hear more from Brian.

Carol McCloud and Kareem Salahuddin

After tragedy brought them together, Carol and Kareem realized they shared a special bond through their different faiths and the life-saving legacy of organ donation from Carol’s son, Ryan.

Organ transplants remembered during National Donor Sabbath.

Listen to Carol and Kareem’s story.

Hear more from Carol and Kareem.

Cynthia London

Cynthia has shared the power of organ and tissue donation through the heroic legacy of her son, Sipho Thembla, whose name means “Gift of Hope,” for more than 20 years.

A woman smiles for the camera.

Listen to Cynthia’s story.

Listen to Cynthia’s story.

Dawn Ortiz

Dawn’s son, Rickey, made the generous decision to “check the box” when he got his driver’s permit. He became a donor hero at age 21 – a legacy that brings comfort and hope to his mom.

Listen to Dawn’s story.

Hear more from Dawn.

Earl Jones

Earl Jones has gotten to see his kids grow up and have children of their own, all thanks to his donor hero.

Listen to Earl’s story.

Hear more from Earl.

Janet Dennis

A life-saving heart transplant empowered Janet Dennis to become an athlete who has won more than 50 medals at the Donate Life Transplant Games of America and World Transplant Games.

Listen to Janet’s story.

Hear more from Janet.

Markita Lewis

When Markita said “yes” to donation, she found comfort knowing that her son, Marquis, gave others a second chance at life as a donor hero.

When Markita said yes to organ donation, she found comfort knowing that her son Marquis would give others a second chance at life.

Listen to Markita’s story.

Hear more from Markita.

Merida Bourjolly

Merida was surrounded by caring and supportive staff and fellow guests at Gift of Life Howie’s House as she recovered from kidney transplant surgery.

Listen to Merida’s story.

Hear more from Merida.

Michelle Liu

Michelle is a physician and commander in the Navy, but her most important role is mom to her daughter Esther, who received a life-saving lung transplant when she was just four years old. Gift of Life Howie’s House was a refuge during their transplant journey.

Listen to Michelle’s story.

Hear more from Michelle.

Nicole Ward

A liver transplant saved Nicole’s young son, Jude, after he endured a series a life-threatening health problems almost from birth.

Listen to Nicole’s story.

Hear more from Nicole.

Onyi Kenine

Onyi is pursuing her dream to become a doctor thanks to a donor hero and the compassionate medical team who cared for her throughout her transplant journey.

Listen to Onyi’s story.

Hear more from Onyi.

Phillip Davis

Phillip is on the kidney transplant waitlist and advocates for organ and tissue donation within his community.

Listen to Phillip’s story.

Hear more from Phillip.

Ramona Howard

Ramona Howard is a multi-organ transplant recipient. She served eight years in the U.S. Army as a Chemical Operations Specialist and earned the honorable rank of Sergeant before she became a surgical scrub nurse, a career that she loved and was devoted to for more than 20 years.

Ramona and Jay Howard. Ramona is a multi-organ transplant recipient.

Listen to Ramona’s story.

Hear more from Ramona.

Stacey Rodenas

A kidney and pancreas transplant made it possible for Stacey’s son to “get his mom back” and for Stacey to help countless others in her work as an EMT.

Listen to Stacey’s story.

Hear more from Stacey.

Ta’Mar Ellensworth

Ta’Mar is a double lung recipient and is active as an ambassador for Gift of Life Donor Program and as a mentor to transplant recipients through the Lung Transplant Foundation.

Listen to Ta’Mar’s story.

Hear more from Ta’Mar.

Thomas Butler, MD, MS, FACS

As a transplant surgeon, Dr. Butler knows so well how precious gifts from donor heroes save lives and impact families. He shares his expertise to dispel myths, promote healthy lifestyles that prevent the need for an organ transplant and encourage more people to sign up as a donor.

Listen to Dr. Butler’s story.

Hear more from Dr. Butler.

Timmy Nelson

The ripple effect of organ donation is epitomized by Timmy’s extensive volunteer work helping dialysis patients and many others following his kidney transplant.

timmy nelson is a kidney recipient and Gift of Life board member.

Listen to Timmy’s story.

Hear more from Timmy.

Woodson Family

The precious gift of a healthy new kidney made it possible for Dr. Tracy Woodson to continue his career as an educator, enjoy time with his family and become an advocate for organ and tissue donation.

Listen to the Woodsons’ story.

Hear more from the Woodsons.

iHeart Media – Loraine Ballard Morrill

Loraine Ballard Morrill is an award-winning news and community affairs director for iHeartMedia.

Listen to Loraine’s National Minority Donor Awareness Month panel episode featuring Rick Hasz, President & CEO, Gift of Life Donor Program, Niels Martin, MD, of Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania and Gift of Life Governing Board Member, along with heart recipient Earl Jones, donor mother Debra White, and kidney transplant waitlist patient Phillip Davis.

Listen to Loraine’s Gift of Life Donor Dash segment (23:15-31:00).


KYW’s Racquel Williams

Racquel Williams is KYW’s award-winning Community Impact reporter, a passionate advocate for organ and tissue donation.

National Minority Donor Awareness Month
Gift of Life Donor Sabbath
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6ABC Stories

Philadelphia Freeway

Hip-hop artist and kidney recipient Freeway is “forever grateful” to the organ donor who gave him a second chance at life, and when Freeway’s son passed away, he saved four lives through organ donation.

Celeste Brown

Kidney recipient Celeste Brown said no to organ donation years earlier when her son was killed: “If I would have known then what I know now, I would have said yes.”

Gary Stever

Gary’s son Dave saved three lives through organ donation within 24 hours of his passing.

Justin Trotman

Justin is on the kidney transplant waitlist: “You have the power to save a life” through organ donation.

Sebastian Foster

Since receiving a life-saving kidney transplant Sebastian has been able to “enjoy his life as a regular kid.”

Dashing Advocates at Gift of Life’s Donor Dash

Earl Jones

Earl, a heart recipient of more than 20 years, is proof that donation saves lives.

Elise Baskerville

Elise is a grateful heart recipient who chooses to “pay it forward” as her donor hero once did for her.

Diane Anderson

Organ donation transformed Diane’s life allowing her to return to activities she enjoys including travel since receiving a double-lung transplant.

Jessica Proctor

Jessica walks in the annual Gift of Life Donor Dash to honor her mother Deborah, a donor hero whose love lives on through her recipients.