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Mission and Core Values

Gift of Life Donor Program's culture of success is tied directly to our mission: saving lives.

Mission Statement
  • Improve the quality of life of patients awaiting transplantation by maximizing the availability of donor organs and tissues while upholding the highest medical, legal, ethical, and fiscal standards;
  • Work in partnership with the region’s hospitals and healthcare professionals to ensure that the family of each potential donor is offered the option of donation in a sensitive and caring manner;
  • Provide educational programs and materials to positively predispose all members of the community to organ and tissue donation so that the donation is viewed as a fundamental human responsibility;
  • Serve as a community resource by providing support for families of donors as well as transplant recipients and their families, and;
  • Serve as a leader in the advancement of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
Core Values

Employees of Gift of Life Donor Program strive daily to integrate the following core values in their professional life:

  • Professional Integrity: Build trust, admit mistakes and act honorably in carrying out all professional responsibilities;
  • Expertise/Knowledge: Demonstrate job knowledge and continually seek new information to advance the Gift of Life Donor Program mission;
  • Excellence: Achieve the best possible results in every situation;
  • Commitment: Demonstrate through actions a strong desire to do everything possible to help Gift of Life succeed in its mission and goals;
  • Compassion: Demonstrates appreciation and respect for the perspectives of others and responds appropriately;
  • Teamwork: Effectively collaborate with others internally and externally to achieve common goals, and;
  • Advocacy: Act in strong support of donation and transplantation and represent/promote the mission effectively.