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Christine Radolovic, MS, BSN, RN

Chief Clinical Officer

Christine Radolovic, MS, BSN, RN, is chief clinical officer of Philadelphia-based Gift of Life Donor Program. She joined Gift of Life in 2002 and, most recently, was director of transplant coordinator services, leading a team of 55 transplant coordinators and managers who achieved the highest standards of clinical practice in all areas of organ and tissue donation and recoveries, consistently providing the opportunity for donation to more families and saving more lives through transplantation.

As chief clinical officer, Ms. Radolovic leads day-to-day clinical operations for the busiest of the 57 organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in the U.S. with programs that include Transplant Coordination, Hospital Services, Organ Preservation, Eye Bank, Donation and Transplant Analytics, Quality Assurance and Tissue Recovery.

Under Ms. Radolovic’s leadership, the Clinical Services team works 24/7 to address the critical need for organs for transplant, working daily with donor families, medical professionals, hospital administrators and others in the donation and transplant community to promote and increase opportunities for donation. Gift of Life’s Clinical Services team is widely recognized for developing the nation’s best practices in organ and tissue donation. Gift of Life has led the nation in the most organ donors among all U.S. OPOs every year since 2008.

Ms. Radolovic plays a key role in directing and implementing innovative approaches to improve the donation process. She leads Gift of Life’s partnership with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in establishing a new Donor Care Center, an enclosed unit that will consist of six beds and three dedicated recovery suites for organ recovery in addition to pulsatile organ preservation capabilities. Ms. Radolovic also helped establish and lead Gift of Life’s in-house recovery program when the organization moved to its current headquarters in 2006.

Ms. Radolovic’s career encompasses nearly 20 years of life-saving work in organ donation and transplantation. She has provided her expertise as a training partner in collaboration with the National Association of Transplant Coordinators (NATCO), Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO) and the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP).

Ms. Radolovic began her career with Gift of Life in 2002 as a transplant coordinator, responsible for coordinating the entire organ and tissue donor process including timely on-site response assessment, evaluation and clinical management of the potential donor as well as coordinating with the hospital staff and supporting donor families throughout the donation process. Her role included hospital development, professional and public education, as well as individual meetings with nursing personnel, in-service programs, contact rounds and more.

She went on to serve as Gift of Life’s assistant director and then director of transplant coordinator services, responsible for creating, developing and implementing new initiatives, practices, policies and procedures to improve both the quality and quantity of organ and tissue donation.

Prior to joining Gift of Life, Ms. Radolovic worked as an ICU nurse at Paoli Hospital in suburban Pennsylvania helping patients who were critically in need of excellent medical care. She earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing and a Master of Science in organizational development and strategic leadership from Neumann University in Pennsylvania. Ms. Radolovic is licensed as a registered nurse in Pennsylvania.