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Register to give others a second chance

It’s easy to add the donor designation to your driver's license or state I.D. In Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, you can add the donor designation through the websites of the department of transportation or motor vehicle division. Sign up now!

Happy Holidays from Gift of Life Donor Program!

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!

Celebrating Hospital Partnerships

Celebrating Hospital Partnerships

Multicultural Donation Statistics

Of the more than 118,349 patients on the national transplant list, there are 68,910 multicultural patients waiting for a life-saving transplant. That is 58% of the national waiting list. Gift of Life is committed to providing knowledge and resources to members of our region to make sure every member is informed about correct organ and tissue donation information. Learn more about organ donation, and how the multicultural community is affected by donation.

Before You Go to the Pennsylvania Registry...

Please take a moment to complete the brief survey below. This information helps us determine how effective our outreach is and ensure that all areas of the population are educated about the importance of organ and tissue donation. After completing this form, please click "submit" to continue to the Department of Motor Vehicles website to officially sign up as an organ and tissue donor.

The Gift of Life: Organs & Tissues for Transplant

One person can save or enhance the lives of up to 75 other people through organ and tissue donation. Learn what can be donated to help save a life or give a better quality of life to those in need.

Learn About Organ Donation

Busting Myths About Organ Donation

For years, myths and misconceptions have prevented people from signing up as donors. Read about some of the common myths and urban legends below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Charles Grugan Left a Legacy of Selflessness through Organ Donation

Families of Donors

Gift of Life Donor Program Celebrates Black History Month

Currently, there are more than 121,000 men, women and children in the United States in need of a lifesaving or healing transplant, 30 percent of whom are of African American heritage. The chances for a successful transplant increase significantly when people of the same ethnicity are matched, so it is imperative that we continue to register more donors of all ethnic backgrounds.

Celebrate National Donate Life Month with Gift of Life

National Donate Life Month, observed annually during the month of April, commemorates and celebrates the countless lives affected by transplant and donation across the United States. You can take the first step in celebrating by registering as an organ and tissue donor by clicking here!

Celebrating Hospital Partnerships

Celebrating Hospital Partnerships

Celebrating Hospital Partnerships

Celebrating Hospital Partnerships

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals joins Gift of Life Donor Program in encouraging individuals to register as organ and tissue donors. It only takes thirty seconds to give someone a second chance at life. Click on your home state below to be connected and sign up today.

Writing To Your Recipient

As a donor family member, you may wish to communicate with the recipients of your loved one's organs and/or tissues.

Liver Transplants

Currently, 14,407 people in the U.S. await life-saving liver transplants. In our region alone, 471 people are on the waiting list for a liver transplant.

Organ and Tissue Donation Resources for Hospitals

Gift of Life partners with hospitals to educate staff about best practices for the donation process and making them donation champions among their own peers.

Heart Transplants

Currently, there are 4,002 people awaiting heart transplants in the U.S. 93 people in our region are on the waiting list for a life-saving heart transplant.

Gift of Life Family House

Thousands of patients come to Philadelphia hospitals every year needing life-saving organ transplants. Many come from out of state or travel great distances. Family House will provide critically needed support programs and temporary lodging for organ transplant patients and their families.

Power 99 FM Supports Organ and Tissue Donation

Register to be an organ and tissue donor today!

Lehigh Valley Health System

Understanding the Organ Transplant Waiting List

More than 5,400 people in the region served by Gift of Life Donor Program await life-saving organ transplants. All patients are included on a single national list. However, all will rely on the efforts of Gift of Life Donor Program and most will benefit from local donors for a second chance at life and renewed health.

Lankenau Medical Center

It's About Life Grant

Gift of Life Donor Program is seeking to partner with Houses of Worship and faith-based organizations to carry out activities that would increase education and donor designations for organ and tissue donation in Delaware, southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania through its "It's About Life" grant program.

Join Team Philly for the Transplant Games of America

Hudson: Waiting for the Gift of Life

Youth Education


The Organ Tissue Donation Awareness Project strives to include organ and tissue donation education in Pennylvania's classrooms to educate students.

Becoming A Living Donor

Not everyone is healthy enough to be eligible to become a living donor. Since the health and safety of our living donors becomes the top priority when performing a living donor transplant of any kind, acceptable candidates must be in top physical and emotional condition before going into the surgery.

Resources For Living Donation

If you would like to have more information or to be tested as a potential kidney donor for someone you know, your first step is to contact the potential recipient's transplant center. You should ask to speak with the Kidney Transplant Coordinator, who can give you additional information about living donation, and help you get started.

Crozer-Chester Medical Center

What is Living Donation

Although most organ donations take place after the donor has died, some organs and tissues can be donated from living donors. With the transplant waiting list increasing and the shortage of organs for transplant available, patients in dire need of a life saving procedure can be aided through living donation. Living donation allows more patients to be moved off of the waiting list, thus increasing the existing organ supply.

Donation Conversation

It is important to make sure your organ and tissue donation wishes are known to your loved ones in case anything happens to you. Knowing what a person wants can assure loved ones that final wishes are honored. Take part in this important conversation with your family today.

Multicultural Outreach


Gift of Life Institute

Training for Donation Professionals

Image of Institute logo - square

Gift of Life Institute provides innovative training and consulting services to enhance the skills and practices of donation professionals worldwide.


Delay = Death - Pass HB 30!

Image of hb 30 widget

Pennsylvania elected officials have a deadly pattern. Since 2014, they’ve blocked 28 people from becoming organ donors – after those people or their families made clear they wanted to give the gift of life. Help us pass House Bill 30!


National Donor Sabbath

Image of NDS 2016

National Donor Sabbath, observed annually in November, seeks to educate faith-based communities about the need for organ, eye and tissue donors. Order free materials to celebrate National Donor Sabbath, taking place Nov. 11-13!

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