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Donor Mother Finds Peace in Son’s Passing through Donation

Adonest Steed was a young man who knew how to make people laugh.  He was a comedian by nature who felt happy making his friends and family smile.  He had an unparalleled passion for life and a giving spirit.

He once told his mother that he believed that death was not an end, but a new beginning.  At just 21 years old, he turned his belief into a reality w20150722_175351 (2)hen he gave the gift of life.  Adonest was an organ and tissue donor and saved and enhanced the lives of others.  Although he passed too soon, his death was not an end.  His family’s selflessness to say “yes” to donation has helped many others begin their lives – free of sickness and restrictions.  It has been just over a year since Adonest died, but his mother, Tamika Steed, has been able to find peace, knowing that her son helped so many others.

Adonest passed away after suffering a seizure and cardiac arrest last July.  Tamika rushed to the hospital, saw her son and knew that although he was on life support – he was no longer with her.  “At the hospital, when they spoke with me about the option for organ donation, I knew it was what he wanted.  We had talked about it before.” Tamika said.  “He always wanted to go everywhere and do everything.  Even in death, he is able to.  He is able to live on through others.”

He was pronounced brain dead and the decision was made for him to be a donor.  Tamika said, “I lost my son and I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did.  Just as I was praying for Adonest, there were other mothers out there praying for their children.  If I could help them in any way through Adonest being a donor, I wanted to.”

Today, Tamika shares 20150722_181429 (2)her story by speaking and volunteering on behalf of Gift of Life Donor Program – eastern PA, southern NJ and DE’s organ procurement organization that has coordinated more than 38,000 organ transplants and over 550,000 tissue transplants since it began in 1974.  She speaks to medical boards, nursing staff and the community about the importance of registering as an organ and tissue donor.

To further spread the word about donation, Tamika will join thousands of others and Gift of Life the first week of August to celebrate National Minority Donor Awareness Week.  The week honors donors who gave the gift of life and helps to increase awareness about the critical need to register more people as organ and tissue donors.  Gift of Life will promote National Minority Donor Awareness Week by hosting its 19th Annual Gospel Program on August 2nd from 5:00-7:30 PM at the Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ (6401 Ogontz Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19126).  Gospel performers Jason Nelson and Angie White will entertain the crowd, along with The Anointed Voices of Ford Memorial Temple. The Gospel Program is free and will be hosted by Praise 103.9’s Dezzie. Last year, over 2,000 people came to the Gospel Program, and many were moved by speakers’ stories and decided to register.  Gift of Life is looking forward to reaching even more people this year with powerful stories – like Tamika’s.

Currently, 6,000 people in Gift of Life’s region – eastern PA, southern NJ and DE – are awaiting a life-saving organ transplant, and minorities are the group that is affected the most.  National Minority Donor Awareness Week, held August 1-7, honors the generosity of multicultural donors and their families, while also underscoring the critical need for minority communities to register as potential organ and tissue donors. Nationally, minority communities represent 25% of the population, but represent a startling 58% and more of those waiting on a life-saving transplant. In Gift of Life’s region, more than 50% of those waiting for a kidney transplant are minority.  Gift of Life believes this week is an important platform to build upon because lack of education is crippling minority communities.

Tamika said, “It’s so difficult in a terrible moment to be selfless. For me, I knew it was what I needed to do.  Now, I see all the joy that it can bring to people who are sick.  My son being a donor has been a blessing for me too.  Every day is a gift.  Although Adonest is no longer here, he was able to give the gift of life to others so that they can live on. That brings me comfort.”

It only takes 30 seconds to register as an organ and tissue donor at  Just one organ and tissue donor can save and enhance the lives of up to 50 people.

3 Responses to “Donor Mother Finds Peace in Son’s Passing through Donation”

  1. Tamika says:

    Thank you for this…I feel so very Blessed

  2. linda may says:

    I too lost my son he was 35, and an organ donor. i am terribly hurt, but it gives me comfort knowing he is living in others. the only thing i have a problem with is they even harvested his eyes – I’m happy the blind can now see but for some reason the loss of his eyes really bothered me. he died

  3. linda may says:


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