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Resources For Living Donation

If you would like to have more information or to be tested as a potential kidney donor for someone you know, your first step is to contact the potential recipient's transplant center. You should ask to speak with the Kidney Transplant Coordinator, who can give you additional information about living donation, and help you get started.

To Learn More

If you would like to pursue more information regarding non-directed donation, you should do further research through the informational websites listed below, then call Gift of Life Donor Program at 215-557-8090. See this Complete Listing of Transplant Centers In The Gift of Life Service Region.

Kidney Paired Donation Resources:

Gift of Life Donor Program Living Donation Stories

Faces of Organ Donation- Steve Turner

Steve Turner made the choice to become an altruistic living kidney donor, which led him to save the life a woman whom he had never met Through his donation, a living kidney chain was created, saving multiple lives and impacting families from all walks of life. Because of his decision, a life long friendship was created, along with a new lease on life for his recipient.

2012 Living Donor Ceremony

Gift of Life Donor Program holds an annual Living Donor Ceremony to honor all of the living donors and Their recipients within the last year. Learn more about their amazing experiences.

Faces of Organ Donation: Marie Manley

After learning of a young woman from her community that needed a kidney transplant, Marie felt compelled to help by giving her an opportunity to live a life without dialysis. Learn how Marie made the choice to become a living donor, and change a family's life.

Faces of Organ Donation- Maggie Nix

When Maggie Nix's son was in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant, her only hope was that a stranger would step up to donate. Because of a stranger's decision to donate, her son was able to receive his transplant. Inspired by a stranger's life saving gift, Maggie decided to become an altruistic kidney donor. Sadly, Maggie's son passed away in 2010, but his legacy lives on through Maggie's dedication to donation awareness.

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Joe's Story

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Joe thought his days of playing soccer were over when he was diagnosed with heart disease and needed a life-saving heart transplant to survive. Now, at 18, he is back on the field and living up to his nickname "The Blur" all thanks to his hero, an organ donor.

Click here to read Joe's story.


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