Giving Life a Second Chance
Through Organ & Tissue Donation

How Does the Donor Program Work?

Image of Gift of Life Donor Program's headquarters in Center City Philadelphia.

Gift of Life Donor Program works with hospitals and families throughout the region to help make transplants possible for thousands of patients.

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Donation Conversation

It is important to make sure your organ and tissue donation wishes are known to your loved ones in case anything happens to you. Knowing what a person wants can assure loved ones that final wishes are honored. Take part in this important conversation with your family today.

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Tips for Talking to Your Loved Ones

  • Sit your family down to talk. Tell them what you learned about organ donation and transplantation and the potential to enhance the lives of as many as 75 others. Make sure they know and understand your own personal feelings about organ donation.

  • Give your family a copy of the letter attached below informing them of your decision to be an organ donor. Remember the best way to make your wishes known is to designate.

  • Show your loved ones our resources so they have a better understanding of organ donation and are better informed when making this very important decision regarding registering to be an organ donation.

  • Share with your families some of the stories and videos on our website to show how organ donation gave them a new chance at life.

  • Be certain to clear up any misconceptions that your family members may have about the donation and transplantation process.

  • Tell your family about your school’s involvement with the Gift of Life. Share any projects that you create with your family especially any public service announcements or online information that you may create.

Download Donation Conversation Letter

Donation Conversation Letter - 21KB
A printable letter to help discuss your donation preferences to your loved ones.

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National Donor Sabbath

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National Donor Sabbath, observed annually in November, seeks to educate faith-based communities about the need for organ, eye and tissue donors. Order free materials to celebrate National Donor Sabbath, taking place Nov. 11-13!


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The Interactive Body

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Explore the Interactive Body to learn about organs and tissues needed for others awaiting transplants.

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