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Spirit For Life School Summits

"Spirit for Life" Student Summits offer high school teachers and students a unique and exciting day of workshops designed to train students as ambassadors for organ and tissue donation.

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Funded by a generous grant from Donors Are Heroes, these Summits are open to all Philadelphia high schools (public, charter, parochial, or private). During the Summit, students have the opportunity to listen to personal stories of donor families and transplant recipients, watch educational presentations, gain public speaking tips, and participate in organ donation-themed activities.

Contact Gift of Life's Community Relations Team Leader Todd Franzen at 215-557-8090, ext. 1173 or via e-mail.

What High School students said after attending a "Spirit for Life" Student Summit.

What I learned:

  • “People should really consider being an organ donor.”

  • “No matter what age we are, we all can still help someone else by donating.”

  • “It’s important to register so that you have a voice that can save lives.”

  • “I learned that only 2 percent of people can qualify to be an organ donor.”

  • “You can help enhance the lives of 50 or more people and give vital organs to 8 or more people.”

  • “When you register as an organ donor, you’re giving the Gift of Life to not just one, but to many others.”

  • “In the US, 21 people die a day waiting for organ transplants.”

What I will do:

  • “I will talk to my friends and encourage them to volunteer and partner with Gift of Life.”

  • “When I renew my license I will put the organ donor designation on it.”

  • “I will spread what I have learned, and I will become an organ donor.”

  • “I will look for opportunities to volunteer at Gift of Life.”

  • “I will promote Tissue and Organ Donor awareness.”

  • “I will talk to my parents about my decision.”

  • “I will help to educate my classmates and peers about organ donation.”

Final Thoughts:

  • “Thank you for this opportunity, from the bottom of my heart. I’ve learned a lot and now realize how tough it is for others and what they’re experiencing while waiting for an organ”

  • “My life could be saved if I ever need an organ, so why wouldn’t I do the same for someone else?”

  • “Thanks for letting me experience this opportunity. I will become an organ donor!”

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Register for the 2015 Dash

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The 20th Annual Donor Dash is designed to help promote organ and tissue donation and highlight the success of transplantation.

April 19, 2015.

Learn more about the event and register today!


The Interactive Body

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Explore the Interactive Body to learn about organs and tissues needed for others awaiting transplants.

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