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National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month, observed annually September 15 through October 15, commemorates and celebrates the contributions made by Latin Americans across the United States.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month, observed annually September 15 through October 15, commemorates and celebrates the contributions made by Latin Americans across the United States. From the Instabook maker to the beginnings of color television, these contributions from the Hispanic community have helped pave the way for a brighter future – a future that some may unfortunately never see without a lifesaving or healing organ, eye or tissue transplant. One contribution that every Hispanic American can make that will positively affect the lives of thousands of individuals is to designate themselves as donors through their state donor registry.

While 3,462 Hispanics received organ transplants in 2014, myths regarding donation continue to be major barriers preventing many Hispanics from becoming registered donors. During Hispanic Heritage Month, Donate Life America focuses on providing facts, educating people to encourage them to Donate Life.

Currently, there are more than 123,000 men, women and children in the United States in need of a lifesaving or healing transplant, 24,691 of whom are of Hispanic heritage. The chances for a successful transplant increase significantly when people of the same ethnicity are matched, so it is imperative that we continue to register more donors of all ethnic backgrounds.

Transplantation Works: Lou Torres' Story

Lou Torres' liver tansplant gave him a new lease on life. Lou now has the opportunity to interact with donor families and participate in the U.S. Transplant Games.


  • There are currently 24,691 Hispanics on the organ transplant waiting list.
  • While Hispanics make up approximately 16 percent of the total United States population, almost 18 percent of the more than 123,000 persons awaiting organ transplants are Hispanic.
  • Hispanics, like other minorities, are three times more likely than Caucasians to suffer from end stage renal disease and diabetes.
  • Tragically, every 10 minutes another patient is added to the waiting list and 21 people die each day due to medical issues curable only through life-saving organ transplants.
  • Many thousands more await tissue transplants to restore their health, mobility and sight.
  • Approximately 56 percent of all those awaiting organ transplants are minorities.
  • In 2013, nearly 13 percent of organ donors were Hispanic.
  • Currently, 21,070 Hispanics in the U.S. are waiting for kidney transplants. For these patients, the lack of available organs means longer waiting periods on transplant lists, years spent on dialysis, and sometimes death.

Hispanics, like other minorities, have the best chance of a successful organ transplant if the donor is of the same ethnic background.

For more information about activities or additional materials in Spanish, contact Leslie Jean-Mary, Multicultural Outreach Coordinator, at 215-557-8090, ext. 1172 or email her at

Download 2012 NHHM Talking Points- Spanish

2012 NHHM Talking Points- Spanish - 79.5KB
2012 NHHM Talking Points- Spanish

Download NHHM Fact Sheet-Spanish Version

NHHM Fact Sheet-Spanish Version - 63KB
NHHM Fact Sheet-Spanish Version

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Gift of Life Family House

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Lodging and Support

Thousands of patients come to Philadelphia hospitals every year needing life-saving organ transplants. Family House will provide critically needed support programs and temporary lodging for organ transplant patients and their families.


Threads of Love Donor Quilt

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Explore the online quilts to view the quilt squares provided by the loved ones of those who died and gave the gift of life. The actual quilts are available for display in public places throughout the region to promote donor awareness.


National Donor Sabbath

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National Donor Sabbath, observed annually in November, seeks to educate faith-based communities about the need for organ, eye and tissue donors. Order free materials to celebrate National Donor Sabbath, taking place Nov. 13-15!

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