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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 70

Beth Harsh

Beth Harsh

This memorial patch is dedicated to my mother, Beth Harsh, who is sadly missed by her daughter, Cheryl and her two sons, Cliff & Charlie. She absolutely loved being a mother we owe her a deep gratitude for the way we were raised as she was a single mother when it wasn’t an acceptable way of family life. Mom taught us to believe in ourselves when others did not.

The patch represents how we feel about our mother. The strength and courage she showed in the face of illness was remarkable. Life wasn’t always easy… everything she went through was a life experience that challenged her in some way… and sometimes she just needed a little reminder that she was brave and could fly… making it through the journey of life. With brave wings she flies…

This patch is a symbol of her experience and a reminder that she too, has flown before and can fly again. Broken wings or not. Mom is on a new journey—flying with the angels…

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