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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 69

Aaron Jesse Lee

Quilt Patch for Aaron J. Lee

February 18,1989- October 15, 2015

The dog material represents Aaron’s love of dogs. He had a rescue pit bull named Lucy that he lovingly called “Diva” or “Pitty”.

The Eagle scout patch represents Aarons time in Childhood as an Eagle scout in Boy Scouts.

The “Loading…” and color wheel represent Aaron’s love of computers, and all electronic do-dads

Aaron worked long and hard… never giving up, finally, after 6 years of overcoming many health issues and many hurdles,

Aaron proudly earned his associates degree in Microcomputer and networking.

The hearts are to symbolize Aaron is surrounded by love and is forever in our hearts.

The children’s verse is something Aaron heard frequently, even in adulthood. He knew I meant every word.

Every stitch was done by hand by me, with love, memories, and prayers.

Betty Baker- Lee-… Mom

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