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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 69

Vsevolod Husar

This patch honoring Vsevolod “Seth” Husar II, is a cherished portion of his a baby blanket, with a silhouette he had made of himself in kindergarten. A “Peter Pan-ish” look that defined his sense of adventure and outlook on life, very well read ad extremely intelligent. His athletic range included horseback riding, skiing , baseball, football, SCUBA diving including competitive paintball. Whether travelling in Germany, the US or the many islands of the Caribbean, his interests were driven not only by the typical tourist destinations, but by defending locals to learn how they live.

Even as a child, Seth had shown kindness and caring for people in need. As his cousin was battling a serious illness, he spent his time at the UCLA’s Children’s Hospital with her. Lifting the spirits of not only his cousin, but the other children whom he felt needed attention, even the staff commented on his outgoing personality. Caring about others was a natural trait. Although family and friends are resigned to the fact that they’ll not hear his voice, or see his smile, his spirit lives on through his thoughtfulness, by giving of the most precious gifts, A gift of second chances , so that others can live on.

In loving memory of

Vsevolod “Seth” Roman Husar

7 July 1985 – 14 June 2015

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