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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 69

Frank Anthony Esposito

Frank Anthony Esposito

12-9-74 to 6-22-15

This picture was taken at one of the stops on our Sky Rail cable car ride from cairns to Kuranda Australia in April 2006. We were on our honeymoon taking a tour of the rainforest. Frank and I loved Australia. We made a promise to return there in years no matter what age we were. Sadly he passed before we could realize our dream.

Frank was truly one-of-a kind. He was a complete nut. He had the ability to make me crack up laughing even when I was in the middle of being mad and yelling at him. He was very affectionate and romantic. He wrote me gorgeous love letters and poems. He had a brilliant wit. We would be listening to songs on the radio and he would make up his own lyrics and they fit and rhymed perfectly and he would do it right in the moment. He was so smart, he was a car mechanic and an excellent drummer. He taught himself how to drum. On top of all of this he was incredibly giving and generous. He always wanted to help people, and he helped so many in his life and after death through organ and tissue donation. We have a beautiful son named Vincenzo whom I truly feel Frank lives on through. He uncannily has Franks looks, personality, smarts, and love for music. He is 7 years old and incredibly generous and sharing like his dad. We will remember and love Frank until the end of time.

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