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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 67

Jonathan Marcel Rocha Baksh

Meet Jon, a forward thinker who envisioned change and wanted to help the world. He saw the best in everyone. He loved life, and tried to make the world smile in all his words and actions. Jon was full of character and charm. His beautiful heart and wonderful personality would light up every room he walked into.

Jonathan’s spirit was so big that it is hard to believe he is not here. Like the Tree of Life, his spirit is immortal and it lives on. The patch is from the blanket that he used from birth until the day he passed. One half of the blanket is with him and the other half is here with us. The photograph is from the day he became a godfather, just a few weeks before he left us.

These are excerpts from his high school essays which were also a part of his memorial.

“Ever since I was small I always wanted to help people and make others feel better. I wanted to protect the ones I love and the innocent people that couldn’t protect themselves.” – Jon’s NYPD Application letter

“Fate can bring a spark of brilliance to your mind but what you do with it is free will… Free will keeps you in control of what’s going to happen 99% of the time, but fate is always at 1% when things go wrong.”- Jon’s “Fate vs. Free Will” Essay

“Although we may not realize it, we can choose what will happen in life, whether it is finishing a big project or going on a date. We will encounter a splash of fate, but without your own hard work nothing will get done.”- Jon’s “Fate vs. Free Will” Essay

Thank you for the beautiful memories Jon, we miss you always.

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