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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 67

Brandon Nicholas DiMatties

I want to start this off with something everyone knew about Brandon. Brandon loved his trucks. He was into trucks from the day he was born. I never seen him happier then when he got his CDL. It was tough for Brandon because of his age but he never gave up. Brandon had a few different jobs but ended up working for Joey Dominco’s trucking which I think is where he belonged. Brandon was a very hard worker and to quote Joey “there whenever he called him.” If Brandon wasn’t home sleeping he was at Joey’s working or helping out washing trucks or just hanging out there or with friends. Brandon recently took one of Joey’s trucks to a truck show in Atco and won 3rd place. I never heard Brandon so proud of an accomplishment before. He already had his second show planned at Englishtown. It’s hard to accept we will never hear one of Brandon’s work stories again. That is what Brandon lived for; his trucks and his family. Brandon as a great son, and wonderful nephew, and loved his cousins. Whenever he was around Holly, Gina, or Gail he was smiling from ear to ear. Ian and Ethan were another story, he enjoyed teaching the boys to be tough and took them for a ride in the truck even if it was from just my house to his. Holly and Brandon had great times together and many eat-out dinners (Brandon Favorite). The DiMatties family was always together and we will treasure every moment we had with Brandon. We are so sad to lose such a great person so young, our heart are broken.

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