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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 64

Anthony John Krystopa

Anthony was one in a million! A person no one will ever be able to replace. His heart was filled with such happiness and love. It was almost like he was contagious with it because everyone he touched was forever changed. He always had this way of bringing so many people together. To Anthony everyone was family. It didn’t matter if he knew you for ten minutes or ten years he just had these open arms that would embrace anyone walking in his path.

Anthony was an amazing son, loving husband and father, brother, friend and so much more to so many people.

Anthony was so passionate about his family. He always did so much to keep everyone together no matter how hard it was. He had a special gift and his biggest wish was to see his family happy! He never gave up on anyone.

Anthony never took no for an answer! If you told him it was impossible he took it as a challenge. Fearless is the best word to describe him. He never bothered to worry about the consequences because he was always so over whelmed with his love of adrenaline. It allowed him to have this amazing outlook on life. He always said “ you have to play the hand your dealt, because you’re not getting any more cards”. And that’s exactly what he did. He lived every moment of his life with no regret or sorrow.

Anthony will forever be cherished, missed and loved beyond measures. He is our brightest shining star in the sky!

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