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Jacob Kennedy

I am writing this for my son, Jake Kennedy, or Jakey as many called him. Jake was a special person, smiling ninety-nine percent of the time, always trying to help someone. He always gave everyone a big bear hug, no matter who you were, which I miss greatly, best of all he always told you “I love you” before he went out.

Jake loved his older brother and younger sister very much. You couldn’t separate Jake and his sister Sarah when they were younger, he was very protective. Also loved to play with his niece and two nephews. Jake was more excited about being able to be an organ donor than actually getting his license. Whoever got his heart got a great deal, because he was all heart.

Jakey also loved to play hockey and baseball, which he did for eleven years of his life in Monroe Township. That’s where the number twenty-five comes from on his patch. He was also number ten sometimes in baseball. He was always a district all-star. He could play any position but mainly played first base and pitched. He was always helping the younger guys on his teams, and a four-time Homerun Derby Champion. He helped coach and became an umpire as well. He was a leader both on and off the field.

He played Dek Hockey where he was also an all-star, making the handpicked travel team most years. The name of the team was The Storm, and they lived up to their name. They were National Champions in 2007 and 2010 at the ages of twelve and fifteen.

Although his time was short on Earth, living just shy of his twenty-first birthday, we will never forget him. From my whole family, all of his teams and me, his dad, we love and miss him very much.


John Kennedy

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