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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 62

Gerald W. Marish

The quilt square is made from a blanket that my sister made for my husband when he was in the hospital. I remember on our first date asking him if he watched sports on TV and he told me, “only the important ones”. He smiled and winked at me and I thought that’s a good sign. When he neglected to tell me was any Yankees or Green Bay Packers game were considered important. Before I cut the square, I washed it with a lavender scented detergent. Gerry once read that Frank Sinatra used lavender soap so he decided that he would use lavender soap. He was kind of quirky like that. Gerry loved sports, family, gardening, art, his job and me. He was intelligent, kind, generous and funny. I know he was watching me trying to figure out how to make the square and probably smiled knowing that I have absolutely no crafting skills.

Gerry was a great husband and my best friend. I wish he was sitting in his chair watching a game, yelling at the TV and making me crazy.

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