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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 62

Thomas Daniel Best

The quilting square honoring my son, Tommy, depicts the important things that defined him. The picture of him alone shows a handsome, loving son. The picture with his brother, Reid, and his dog, Winston, show a devoted brother even with a twenty year age difference. The quilt square wouldn’t be complete without a picture of him as a wrestler. He had many accomplishments as a wrestler but winning the P.I.A.A. State Championship was at the top of the list. The fourth picture shows his greatest love. He was an amazing father. In the spring of 2014, Tommy and his son, Cage, followed the trout stocking truck to help stock the streams. Tommy and Cage spent countless hours in the outdoors hunting frogs and snakes or fishing. Although these memories bring joy to my heart, I still miss him so much!

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