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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 61

Adele Denise Love

This square-patch is in loving memory of Adele “Neecie” Love. This world was blessed by her birth on February 23, 1957, and on August 19, 2014 she was called home by the Lord. Samual and Elaine were her parents. Adele birthed eight children, and was blessed with eleven grandchildren and three gre-grandbabies. My mom’s favorite color was purple, which is the reason the patch is this color also. This patch represents what she stood for: Family, Love, Simplicity, and Beauty. Being able to create this patch was extra special because it allowed my two children (Tymara and Shiquill) whom were unable to say their last good-byes to their grandmom “Butters” the opportunity to help create this in her honor, and to help with their healing process!! The connection between Adele and her great-grandbaby Torion Jr. (“T.J.”) is also represented in her patch. T.J. is a life-fighter like his great-grandmom. Both of them were not supposed to make it into this world, but the Lord spoke differently and after my grandbaby received a new heart, my Mom changed her heart and decided she would become a DONOR!!

Loved by ALL

Wrote by: Honey & Babies

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