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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 61

Jacob Jessar

Jake accomplished a lot in his life in terms of college and career. But I think he was happiest when he was a part of a group of friends, having adventures. This photo was taken in Israel. The trip was one of the high points of his life as he connected deeply with his religion. Behind the photograph there are words taken from an email he wrote when he was traveling in Europe on fall break from Study Abroad in Rome with Fox School of Business, Temple University. I can hear his voice clearly in these words as he describes his travels. I could go on and tell you that he loved the beach, extreme sports, snowboarding, music and concerts- like any 26 year old. We had a yellow lab Jake named “Champ” and Champ considered Jake his boy and vice versa. He was enthusiastic, a hard worker, always willing to lend a hand. Most of all, he was a kind and gentle soul with an endearing innocence. He was deeply loved by his family and friends. We will never get over his loss and will always miss him and love him dearly. He is very much part of our lives even in his loss.

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