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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 61

Michael "Benji" Benecke

This square is a picture of my brother Michael Benecke more famously known as “Benji”. This picture epitomizes the spirit of Benji. The first thing you notice is the METS baseball cap. Mike was an avid sports fan with incredible sports trivia knowledge. As the 3rd oldest boy of 8 children Mike was responsible for introducing all of his younger siblings to the Mets and responsible for teaching his younger siblings how to play various sports. The next thing that stands out in this picture is Michael’s smile. Benji was a loving and lovable man. He was laid back and easy going but steadfast in his beliefs for social justice and those who may be less fortunate than he. He had an incredible sense of humor and was well known for his stories, jokes and pranks.

You can tell this picture was taken in a photo booth. Mike was not a fancy guy so its not surprising he would opt to have his picture taken in a photo booth looking like he does. He probably needed the photo for some official in true Benji form, dressed in his best sports regalia and found a photo booth.

Lastly, this picture reveals Mike’s youth. Mike was taken from this world too early. But when he did leave, he left on his terms with grace, dignity and in charge of the decisions to be made at the end of his life. Mike leaves behind many, many, devoted friends and a family that loved him beyond words.

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