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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 59

Gina Marie Adornetto

A Journey of Faith

Souls roam

In search to bind

Pieces of

Life’s puzzle find

Patience needed

May take a while

Search is over

When hearts smile

Time stands still

Souls entwine

This is the one

Fruit of the vine

Tis the question

What is love?

Could be faith

Shared from above

Vows recited

The bond is spoken

With the grace of God

May it be unbroken?

God’s bounty

Explore and find

Countless joys

Body soul and mind

Pitter patter

What’s that sound?

Little feet

Miracles abound

Seasons change

Anoint thee with oil

Plant the seed

Fertilize the soil

Change in role


Together forever

Proud to be

Teacher, mentor

Family life

Molding angels

Husband and wife

God’s created plan

We aim to meet

Excited for the future

One day the creator we’ll meet

But what of the fallen one?

Lurking about

Feeding on fear

Manipulating doubt

From out of the darkness

Rears back its head

Sends cancer creeping

Fixated on spread

Infected perhaps

A deeper faith is the cure

Cast out the demon

With prayer make us pure

Air is precious

Existences divine

Connected to the father

Branches of the vine

Comforting is the thought

We are bathed in glorious light

There’s a home for us in heaven

The gift is in our sight

When we receive our wings

Our time is not to choose

Make good use of each moment

There is no time to lose.

Author: Frank A. Adornetto

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