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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 59

Willis Floyd Kearns Jr.

6/23/1943 – 7/3/2012

The photo I chose is important to my son and I, as well as my husband’s family because it represents who my husband was – a man called by God to serve God. He loved his “calling”, which shows in this photo by the smile on his face during a worship service. He was ordained in June of 1968 and retired June 2008, with 50 years total serving in the ministry, including preaching in college, and continuing an interim pastor in retirement. The fabric I chose is also special to me. The green is from the clerical stole he is wearing, which was one of many I made for him, and the light blue has swirls and stars and represents heaven, which reminds me of where he is.

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