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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 63

Bradley Scott Gelb

The Last Red Leaf

My son, Bradley Scott Gelb, suffered from Crohn’s disease. For 3 years he lived on IV treatment 24 a day. Prior to his confinement he had a successful career as an Assistant Film Editor in California.

Through the efforts of his fiancée, Jolene, and his primary doctor they found out that the intestine and colon transplants were being done at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. After months of intensive workups and visits, he was placed on the transplant list.

He had surgery on April 1, 2010 with a replacement of intestine and colon, which was very successful. After 90 days in the hospital, he returned home 2 days before his 47th birthday, free of tubes and no colostomy. He had been given a second chance at life.

He could not be around masses of people, so his computer and his camera became his new life. He and Jolene enjoyed simple things like sitting on the deck and him photographing the wildlife, nature and his surroundings. They enjoyed going to the beach and taking magnificent photos of sand, sky and ocean. He joined an organization called the Antzl Project- a network of photographers from around the world. His computer became his eye into the world sending his images for all to see and receiving many awards and accolades for his work. It was the day before he died that he and his friends went to a favorite place. When he got there, a red leaf was in the basin. After their hike up the mountain their return the Red Leaf was still there. He photographed it, titled it “The Last Red Leaf” and was editing it on the computer when he went into cardiac arrest and died. It was indeed his “Last Red Leaf” and an astonishing photograph.

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