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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 63

Trudy Ann Leming

August 17, 1962-November 10, 2013

Trudy was a devoted mother, wife, daughter, sister, family member and friend. She left us at the young age of 51, certainly too early for those of us whom she touched so deeply. Anyone that knew Trudy would never think that someone with such a strong will, committed to life and a positive spirit could be undone by asthma, the illness that more than often left her down, but never out. She always was a person willing to help out, be it through school events, sports functions or other charitable groups. Through her positive attitude and generous giving of herself, she touched the lives of anyone who had the pleasure to know her and call her friend. It stands to reason that even in her passing; she was still able to help others who were in desperate need. Trudy became our hero the day she passed away, knowing that she wanted to give the gift of hope to others who were in desperate need of it.

Trudy was very creative and artistic. She prided herself on making even the smallest craft project, or room décor, something special. We tried to embody Trudy’s creative spirit in the square presented for the Memorial Quilt. Positioned in the center is a recent photo of Trudy, which captures her smile and sparkling eyes. Two of her most special attributes, because they could always brighten any room she was in. We decided also to include the poem that we selected for her Mass card, because it captures her credo, look at positives in everything, and continue to do so even through tough times. The background of the square includes her trademark color, lime green, and her favorite pattern, zebra stripes. Crosses were another one of her favorite things to include in her décor because she was very spiritual, so it was fitting to include one of the square as well. Trudy also enjoyed a martini or two when the time was right, and she enjoyed including martini glass themes in her wardrobe and her décor. It was a little token that we could identify her by. The last item on the square is a photo of her sign off “Love You” in her handwriting, which inspired her daughters to have tattooed on their wrists, so they could always have that message from Mom with them forever.

As tough as it was losing our beloved Trudy, it was somewhat comforting to know that others would benefit from our loss through the Gift of Life Donor Program. We were very happy to create a square in Trudy’s memory and hope it inspires others to become organ donors, giving someone else a much needed chance.

Trudy will forever be in our hearts and will always be our true hero.

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