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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 63

Brianna Bunyan

Brianna was a 17 year old senior in high school when she was tragically killed in a car accident 6 days before Christmas. She had a beautiful spirit. She was pure joy to our family. Our family is devastated by her loss and we desperately miss her. We rest in our faith during this time and know we will see her again. As her 7 year old sister said, “This is not the real place, the real place is in Heaven…we’re just here to grow and learn and have a good time. We’re all going to be together soon.”

Brianna was a sweet, loving and giving person. It was her decision to be an organ donor and we honored her by following her wishes. We wish only the best to the people who received her donation. Just another example of her generous, loving nature.

The quilt square symbolizes only a few facets of her personality…we chose a white owl because that is one of the signs she gives us to let us know she is still with us. The owl is adorned with 4 charms: a cross, the letter “B,” a softball glove and ball and musical notes. The background is turquoise (her favorite color…the color of her room.) The two small hearts are from fabric from her baby blanket that she still took everywhere. They represent her two sisters she adored and loved so dearly. The owls nose is a shell from our last vacation in the Carolinas. The driftwood is from the beach, her favorite place!

Brie had a gorgeous singing voice, the voice of an angel. She sang in the high school choir for 4 years. She sang in the car, the house, in class, everywhere! They say singing is a form of prayer. If that’s true, she prayer her whole life! We believe she is now singing with a choir of angels.

Brianna was also involved in athletics…She was #18 on the softball team. She loved her friends and had a real team spirit. Always cheering her teammates on. She was dedicated to training hard and making the varsity team. She was loyal and true to her friends. She was the glue that held them together through tough times.

Brianna loved to vacation at the beach…She would go to the Carolinas with the family and friends. The ocean was her favorite. She was a fish in the water! When she was young, she wanted to work as a marine biologist. Brie loved dolphins and turtles and sharks. She actually loved all animals! She had dogs, cats, birds, turtles and hamsters. She was so gentle she would even catch a moth or a ladybug and let it go free outside. Brie had a true love and respect for nature.

Brianna believed in God. She attended church and would always like to sit next to the oldest person in the church. She loved the elderly, the babies and youth group. She has a solid foundation that supported her faith.

We are grateful God gave us the gift of Brianna. She was and still is pure, pure love and light!

God Bless You,

The Bunyan Family

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