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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 66

Walter W. Huber

In Loving Memory

Walter W. Huber died suddenly before his 75th birthday. Even though he left us without warning, he led a very full life doing whatever he pleased, even going hunting in a snow storm the day before his death. Walter loved sports, hunting, fishing, being outdoors, and trying his hand at fixing whatever needed fixing around the house. He was counted on by many to do handyman work or just lend an ear to talk to. Family was a huge part of his life, not only by being the baby of thirteen children, but also by marrying into another larger extended family as well.

Of all the things Walter loved to do, his family and grandchildren were the biggest joys of his life. His quilt symbolizes one of the last pictures he had taken with the family. Four stars represent his four children: Walter Jr., Timothy, Gary and Emily; and six stars represent his grandchildren: Ashlynd, Paige, Brennan, Lilly, Madelyn and Austin. The cross symbolizes his faith in Christ, and the promise that we shall all meet again.

We know he would have wished his organs could have done more to save others, but with health concerns, were ineligible for use. However, we were so happy to learn that his eyes were accepted and taken to give another the gift of sight. We know that he would have been thrilled to give another that gift because seeing the world around him, and especially the smiles of his grandchildren, were cherished moments that everyone should experience for themselves.

We thank God for the first time we had with him, for the cherished memories that keep us going, the promise that we shall meet again, and the ability for him to give the gift of sight to another.

Walter W. Huber

March 17, 1938-December 15, 2013

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