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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 66

Thomas Moran

December 17, 1948 - April 13, 2014


There was never a time when Tom did not have a book to read. When he would go out, he would tuck a book inside his coat pocket. A chance to read might come up! Reading made Tom a trivia expert. He often won tickets to local theatres by answering trivia on radio programs. (A cook book is included, he was a great cook).

Cat and mouse:

One of the first gifts I received from Tom was a cat. At home neighborhood cats would come to visit- often adopting us. “Smudge” was Tom’s cat. “Smudge” would follow Tom around the house, sit on his lap, sleep at his feet. The mouse represents the many hours Tom spent on his computer getting information on various subjects. The material behind is one of Tom’s favorite shirts.

Marx Brothers:

“Movies, good movies”. Westerns, comedies, science fiction- he loved character actors. “Star Wars”, old horror films, “Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Frankenstein”, “The Haunting”, “King Kong”, TV: “Monty Python”, “Dr. Who”, “Star Trek”.

Fishing Lures:

Fishing was one hobby he had besides reading that he loved- a nice relaxing day fishing on the banks of the river or Francis Slocum.

Music notes:

Music of all kinds from the early 1920’s to his love of music in the 1960’s and 1970’s. To Tom they were the best.


When we first met- Tom used to come to work on his bike. A car took its place for convenience, but he never got rid of his bike.

Thank you,

Irene Fronduti Moran

Tom’s wife

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