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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 57

Linda Kranias

Linda Kranias passed July 8, 2014, at the age of 59, after being diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months earlier. The decision to be an organ donor is one she had made at a young age. Linda was an angel who lived every day of her life as a Christian, not because it was taught to her, but because it is who she was. She embodied the simple message of Christ, “Love each other”.

During her fight against cancer, she showed courage, faith and strength beyond description. She joined with local organizations to help others who were in the fight. After her passing, a close friend coined the phrase LindaStrong, and the logo was designed by a local artist, herself a breast cancer survivor. It has been used for many fundraising activities, with proceeds going to local organizations that help cancer patients directly.

It is only natural that she would continue to help after passing. In addition to her tissue donation, several funds and activities have raised money to help others in her name. “Linda’s Fund” is an Adams County Chapter of the “Cheryl Kay Foundation”, raising money to provide in home care for cancer patients, and the elderly. The “Linda Kranias Memorial 5K”, known as “LK5K”, is a race run each November in Gettysburg, with all proceeds given to local cancer help funds, free mammography programs, and animal rescues and shelters, all passions of this remarkable woman.

She would be humbled by the attention her life has garnered. She would be honored beyond words to be memorialized with others who gave of themselves to help others.

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