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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 57

Donald E. Williams

My quilt square is about my husband Don Williams. He loved working outside with his backhoe. That’s how he dug our basement for our house when we were building. I think the backhoe was his favorite toy! He helped at our church with plumbing, air conditioning, heating problems. They are always telling me they miss him! All the people he worked with and worked for miss him ver much. He would do anything for anybody. He was a very hard working man all his life.

He only retired, April 2013, 7 months before he was diagnosed with lung cancer, November 2013. He passed away May 5, 2014. He never got to enjoy his retirement. He never complained during that time. He was so brave.

My daughter and I miss him so much. Sometime I think he comes back and checks on us to make sure we are ok.

He was a donor. The only thing they could use was his corneas. I’m so glad someone was able to receive them.

We will miss him always. But glad he’s out of pain and in a better place.


Deb & Megan Williams

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