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Jim Guthridge Jr.

We wanted to take a few minutes to remember our departed teammate and brother, Jim Guthridge, who was taken to heaven earlier this year.

Jim was a member of this team for about two decades.

He was a great teammate.

He developed his love of the game from his father, who also played and coached on the team for many years.

Throughout the years Jim played a number of positions and never complained about where he played or batted. He would bring the equipment whenever it was needed.

We called Jim the Ironman, because he made just about every game over a 20 year span, despite the fact that for many years, he usually had to travel the farthest.

Sometimes he made the long ride when the weather was iffy because he did not want to let his teammates down and sometimes, by the time he arrived at the field it would be rained out.

He was always in good spirits and always had a smile and word of encouragement for his teammates.

While we all enjoyed winning a game, it was clear that what was most important to Jim was coming out and playing with his friends.

Fortunately, we recognized what a good friend and teammate he was and dedicated the Teammate of the Year Award in his honor. After receiving the award in the initial year, Jim gave out the award on an annual basis.

Jim wasn’t the best player on the team, but he could hit.

He often surprised the other teams with his hitting and he surprised us on occasion.

He had a number of big hits, including a number of game winning hits over the years, doubles, triples and home runs.

He was such a fixture to the team that when I come out to the fields I am almost surprised not to see Jim Junior.

He will always be a part of this team and we are honored to have played with him and his father.

And now let’s pray

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the fellowship of this league and the friends that we meet along the way that become part of our lives.

Thank you for Jim Junior and the Guthridge family who have been part of our lives for more than a decade.

Help us all display the integrity and sportsmanship of Jim Junior when we play softball and in our daily lives.

We dedicate this game and this season to our departed brother Jim Junior.

Let us have a moment of silence for Jim Junior.

Lord- We also pray that we are injury free in this game and we do all things in your name.


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