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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 58

Adonest Briscoe

Adonest Stephen-Charles Briscoe was 21 years of Life, he was funny, he was a young man full of life, he was my son. It pains me beyond words to say “was”. But his purpose was greater than anything I could have ever imagined. Some may read this and say “oh how sad” but I say “Oh How Blessed am I!” I was afforded the opportunity to be Blessed with a Jr. A grandson that I can tell stories to about how amazing his father was. Although I speak of him as “was” he exists and will continue to exist within my heart and the hearts of all those who were able to simply be Blessed in knowing and loving him. He Blessed lives, he Blessed me. He taught me how to be a mother! Be Blessed and Loved though he never laid eyes on, but he spoke of as if he knew them by wanting to Bless the living with a part of him. If I could say anything it would be… Life Is Limitless…Love…Live…Embrace your Blessings, because we embraced all of you. Never forget the journey you are on. Never forget the life you are Living.

Never forget my son. Adonest… Love His Mom Tamika, his Sister Akira, and most of all his Son Adonest Jr…. We will continue to Live

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