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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 55

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Nancy Ersek

Nancy Ersek

In Memory of Nancy

Nancy wasn’t fancy but she was filled with cheer.

She’d join your cause, put life on pause, and offer you a beer.

She worked long and strong with uniform on she’d stay an extra shift.

On the bus she might dose, unwind at the Red Rose, and go picking until she was stiff.

Her dear friend was Bob and they would hobnob in their country western clothes.

They would be in cahoots with their hats and their boots and turquoise when the occasion arose.

But that was Nancy and when she was fancy she’d join her family parties.

“Man up! No drugs! No kids if you can’t afford them!” Nancy was such a smarty!

She wanted to be scattered amongst flowers and water – Her brain donated to science.

She had cerebral palsy but you knew only because she had opinions that made you tense.

Goodbye, sister hero, you were such a dear – Oh, and I will tell you this!

The Last Moments we had were with beers in our hands when she gave me a sweet little kiss.

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