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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 55

Bill Pinkerton

Bill Pinkerton


Bill, my partner, lover, companion and best friend of 13 years.

Gone too soon but never forgotten!

Bill to me and our friends, Billie to family and “Pinky” to his co-workers.

The love of his life is Brandi- his shadow, constant companion, an “inseparable bond.” They shared many hours of fun in the yard, truck rides and lounging in the den listening to DVDs and music.

Bill was a good listener and helped others over the years with AA issues, yard work, moving, plumbing needs, in any way he could. Everyone felt relaxed around him with his gentle smile and warm heart.

His many interests consisted of: Brandi, Kitty, especially reading, science, TV/movies, yard work, nature, travel, hunting, and “just relaxing.” He always wore T-shirts, blue jeans with suspenders and flannel shirts.

The picture of Bill and me is from our trip to Conzumel, Mexico in 2009, where we spent time with friends, extended family and my Godchild. Enjoyed many new adventures- Mayan ruins, carnival, different foods, nature and music, the ocean and people. Other “special trips- to Michigan to visit our Aunt May and several times to the hunting cabin in the mountains near Trout Run, PA. Away from everyone and everything modern. How peaceful to be so close to nature and God!

After high school- 4 years in the Navy. Then different jobs. He retired in 2008 after working over 30 years at Norristown State Hospital (master plumber).

His life ended too soon, his “bucket list” not completed and is greatly missed by so many…

Until we meet again, my love-


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