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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 51

Dale E. Miller

Dale E. Miller

Dale E. Miller, devoted and proud husband, father, grandfather and brother lived his life wanting to help others to be their absolute best in any and all challenges they faced. Dale was the oldest of four brothers and when his father had an untimely passing while Dale was a young adult, he took the responsibility of caring for and making sure the family was okay. He worked over forty years at the same employer to make sure that everyone he cared for was taken care of. Dedication and loyalty to family was the absolute core of this man.

Dale had a passion for sports. He knew who he rooted for and stood by that time. He often told his family “if you are a true fan, you root for your team no matter what, even in the hard times.” Based on some of the teams this family has chosen over time, this value has been reiterated many times.

Pride for these teams was what Dale showed much of his time, however Dale was not all about sports. Ultimately he was proud of the people he loved. Regardless of what all of us decided to do, crazy or not, he stood by us: cheering, encouraging, and reminding all of us to do our best, and whatever our best was, he was proud of us. He set a precedent and expectation for all those who love him to continue in our own lives. In Dale’s world, it wasn’t about those teams, it was about his team – unconditionally, every long And always there to cheer us on.

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