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Charles Cosmus Fegely

Charles Cosmus Fegely

Charles Cosmus Fegely was born November 28th, 1939. He was a country boy who was raised in the church. He was one of 10 siblings that his Mother took to church every Sunday.

At 21 years of age he married his wife Fay. They were a good team together. They would have celebrated 52 years of marriage the year he passed. His Wife and their three Sons, Barry, Michael and Mark miss him dearly.

Charles loved the outdoors. He loved camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking. He shared this joy with his sons and other family members. He always said that there must be a God above us because the Earth, as beautiful as it is could not have happened by accident. He taught his three sons to respect God’s earth.

Charles was always so protective of his family. He put them first above all else. He was a very loving man. Whenever you would see him and Fay, they were always holding hands. Even in church, one hand would be holding the hymnal book and other one was holding Fay’s.

One day Charles was watching a television show about a little girl who had been badly burned. The Doctor said that they needed skin from donors in order to help this child. Right then and there Charles decided that he wanted to be a donor. He made his Wife promise that when he leaves this good Earth that she would donate his body. His statement was that our bodies are a tabernacle of our souls, don’t let it rot away when it could help other souls.

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