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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 47

Ronald Luckenbaugh

This is a section of one of my dad’s shirts. He only wore gray, all the time. There were a few blue shirts in his closet, but not many. He wore gray shirts and gray sweatpants, unless it was one of his softball shirts. A lot of people look at gray as a boring or sad color. But my dad made it my favorite color. He was always happy, always smiling, and always laughing. He made the color gray a lively color. He tried to make everyone laugh, all the time. His number one quote is “Why cry when you can laugh? Laugh at everything.” He raised me like this, and it made me strong. It made me strong enough to look back on our time together, and laugh at all the good times, instead of cry over his loss. Whenever someone says something about him, and is waiting for me to cry, I crack a terrible joke, and laugh instead. Some people think it’s terrible, but I know my dad is listening. And every time I trip over something, I know it’s him getting back for my jokes. Like Father, like Daughter. I love and miss you Daddy

In honor of Ronald Eugene Luckenbaugh, 09.16.60 – 07.22.13

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