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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 42

Kodi Jamison

Shortly after I volunteered to write a tribute to my nephew, I hesitated before I began to write the tribute because I started to question whether I was the right person to write the tribute. I questioned whether I knew enough to be able to write a “fitting” tribute; besides, I lived miles away and did not see my nephew as often as I would have liked, but after much thought, God revealed to me that I knew “enough”. I knew enough to write a tribute about a boy who had become a man before our very eyes. This was a young man who, despite his disabilities, saw life through “rose colored” glasses and every day to him was a blessing from God. Kodi was a young man who possessed many GIFTS that some of us will never possess because we cannot see the blessings God gives us each day.

Gift of Music- no matter what kind of music was playing, it brought joy to his soul. He always had a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

Gift of Laughter- no matter how down you may have been, Kodi would sense it and would offer you a smile or a handshake. Once you saw the smile on Kodi’s face, you would automatically smile and you would seem to forget your troubles.

Gift of Love and Compassion- he had an unselfish way of spreading compassion to others by kissing the little children and offering hugs. Whenever there was a small child or baby in his presence, he always wanted to give them a hug or kiss. His love knew no boundaries.

Gift of Life- even though Kodi had physical disabilities that would have hindered most people, he did not let them hold him back. He “took lemons and made lemonade” and lived life each and every day with a smile. He lived each day as if it were his last. I guess you could say, he tried to teach us a lesson through his living and his sudden death- live life to the fullest- enjoy each day as God gives- start and close each day with a smile- waiting for tomorrow could be too late.

I and our entire family misses the son, brother, grandson, nephew and cousin whose name was Kodi and there are times when we all wish we had spent more time with him, did more things with him but we know that was not in God’s plan and we also know Kodi knew he was loved and he showed us love in return.

To Kodi, “thank you” for sharing your life with us, no matter how short the time may have been, your love will last us a lifetime. You have taught us that the life that is given to us should start and close each day with a smile, a smile simple because God care enough…

When we think of his life and what it represented, it gives me great joy to know Kodi had no disappointments…all his expectations were met…from the love he showed and the smiles that he shared, every day was a blessing from God.

Kodi celebrated his life as God intends for each of us to celebrate life- with a smile on our face and a song in his heart. Thanks for the lessons you have taught us and we will strive to live our lives as well as your lived yours-your life is a life worthy to be honored and celebrated and for this reason we find peace and joy in celebrating you.

We love you and keep on smiling down on us and pray that we all will one day learn the lessons you tried to teach us… no matter what is going on in our lives, we should start and close each day with a smile.

We Love and Miss you… the family of Kodi Jamison

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