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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 41

John R. Horridge

John Horridge

What can I say about John. He was a hardworking man who loved to work around the house and absolutely loved to work on cars. He loved drag races and car shows. But could also fix anything and everything around our house.

That was until he found out he had inherited Huntington ’s disease. Then our life changed. He finally had to give up working and forget working on cars and the house. As the disease slowly robbed him of his ability to do anything that required co-ordination.

The thing he was most proud of was that he was a Marine and served in Vietnam. Up until the day he passed he could hardly talk any more he would tell you he was a proud Vietnam Veteran and a Marine. You couldn’t always understand much of anything else he was trying to say but you always knew when he was saying that and he said it often.

He loved life and loved to travel and see all the world had to offer. He loved to visit different places and see different things.

I hope the giving of his corneas helps someone else to see the wonders of this world and knowing they are seeing them through John’s eyes gives me a peace that cannot be explained. Knowing that a piece of him lives on amazes me.

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