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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 41

Charles (Chuck) W. Misal, Jr.

Charles “Chuck” Misal Jr.

This entire square encompasses the four corners of Chuck’s life.

Chucked lived a blue jean style life which was relaxed and filled with laughter. This is represented by the denim blue material (top left). Also on this portion of the square is a picture of Chuck with his boy Wyatt. The other four paw prints represent his other dogs; Anna, Beauty, Casey and Heidi. Chuck loved animals and spoiled every one he had.

The next portion (top right) is the green material which represents Chuck’s High School football jersey color, he was number 88. Chuck loved football and not only played, but watched the games on television. His favorite team was the Eagles.

The bottom left of this square is camouflage to represent the Marines which helped make Chuck the man he was and a leisure activity he enjoyed which was deer hunting.

The bottom right section of this square is golden yellow to represent the sunshine in Chuck’s life which was his family; you could see the smile in his eyes when he talked about his family. You could really tell that he loved them more than anything. The basset hound represents Chuck, because he was a loyal friend to all. The seahorse represents his loving wife Karen, who is as graceful and beautiful as this sea creature. The dolphin is for his oldest daughter, Elizabeth, who is strong and smart. The butterfly is for his youngest daughter, Amanda, who has dreams and creativity that will take her wherever she may go.

Chuck was full of life, full of love and made everyone laugh with his antics. He will be missed and loved by all.

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