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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 41

Rose Margaret Branning

Rose Margaret Branning

The rose is all of what she was really like. The rose is one of the flowers that she liked and the one still blossoming in November. She was a rose herself because she would do anything for anybody even when she should have been staying off her feet.

The blue color on the square was a color that she could not get enough of. If she thought that she could get away with it it would be blue.

The cardinal was one of the birds that she always tried to get in the back yard in the winter. She would start feeding birds in the fall to try to get the cardinals and others there for winter. But not all winters were that good to get cardinals around. Right after she died this winter the backyard was loaded with cardinals. She would have been so pleased and happy to see them and I am sure she did from Heaven.

So these are the three things that this square represents in honor of Rose, but many other things could if they were in the square.

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